Hadley Viscara in My Friend’s Hot Girl

Pornstars: Hadley Viscara
Hadley Viscara in My Friend’s Hot Girl – Hadley Viscara is horny and right up doesn’t give a fuck! She walks into the bathroom where her friend’s boyfriend Derrick is getting a shower and leaves as if she’s looking for a special bowl or something that she and his girlfriend left jointly way back when. Said bowl only happens to be for whatever reason — beneath the bathroom sink, and Derrick isn’t buying this story either. Especially when Hadley strolls in wearing some insane outfits using a see-through shirt that shows her huge fat titties. He doesn’t understand what is going on, but he needs her ass outta there before his woman will get house and crushes him. But Hadley’s mad has hell, and only walks her dressed buttocks into the shower! Derrick’s such as “Huh?” And Hadley’s like “Uh-huh.” And then she strips down and they are equally like “Uhhh…ohhhh…yeaaaahhhhh.”

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