Sofie Marie in Seduced By A Cougar

Pornstars: Sofie Marie
Sofie Marie in Seduced By A Cougar – Sofie Marie’s Attorney Pete is finished mending the garage-door opener for both her husband, and she finds he recognizes her from someplace, but he can not really put his hands on it. Later on, following his job is finished, a light bulb goes off at Pete’s mind and that he remembers where he watched Sofie not long past: the ‘ swingers’ club! Even though a bit ashamed, Sofie confesses and admits she and her husband, yes, ‘ are swingers, which Pete probably did see her in the swingers’ club. Her entry opens up a completely new plane of exploration and conversation to her and Pete. And because Mr. Marie is not house, Sofie has the chance to investigate what Pete’s obtained packaging in his trousers!

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